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Virgin Summer Night

Nothing assaults the senses

like chill air on a summer's evening.

Forearm hair follicles are as erect

as a pubescent boy's expectation of his young penis.

or nipples hardening through a silk blouse.

the smell of summer love when two bodies collide in passion.

It has the warmth of the day

yet exacerbated and put to fire by sensual touch,

Sweat from our movements

and our desires, escalate as the night progresses.

We tasted each other, longingly..

With fervent hope for more like this in our future,

You held my sex, giving me so much.

So much more than you yourself received

You left me a lasting memory

that still lives inside me nearly fifty years later

That was then,

a one-off, never-to-repeat sensation for two young lovers.

I wanted more,

but sunrise meant you were gone.

Feeling sorry for myself in the passing weeks and months

You had moved on

and were then unobtainable.

Luckily for me, I remember that summer night.

But now it's dawn,

You and my virginity have flown.

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