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Now we understand what love is

Only now can we begin to understand

How much each has loved and loves still

How much faith we’ve stored in both at will

Past years, lives out of hand, new futures planned

Troubled once, previous love not so rounded,

Tears: Hereafter bliss, unrepleted,

A.N. other took our time and cheated.

We watched unsounded marriage vows grounded

Our new love won't allow either to fail,

Consider our blessings ten times more, then more.

Euphoria rescued from a deserted shore

Invigorated, troubles that once prevailed, now pale

My mistake was not loving someone enough

I'm aware we shall not seek for less, nor condone,

'cause you and I are all we've ever truly known,

Take love's scruff, we are made of much sterner stuff.

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