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Four pounds and ½ an ounce

Sweet, as two bags of sugar

Plus a pinch of spiced pepper,

This fully weighted-baby

Mother gave birth to that day.

A tiny newborn nipper

Sabbath child, loud wailing voice

Mother's bedside Priests rejoiced.

A premature Capricorn

Now Sagittarian born

Mother and son had no choice.

Our first hours spent Godless

Death seemed the only solace,

Mum sorely scarred by cancer,

Prayed to God for an answer

Trusted her faith, his promise

What's owed, only heaven knows

Nurturing, she pulled me close,

Her tender arms safely held

Disappointments quickly quelled

Supporting life choices chose.

Now, each and every birthday

I remember her and pray

Candle lit to memory

Thinking of her lovingly

In my head and heart she’ll stay

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