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So Farewell My Love, So Farewell,

Should this world ever stop its revolving,

Should it ever slow down and die,

I had once hoped that on that precipice,

We'd stand together, you and I.

But now that will never happen,

Sadly, we parted just last June,

For you, the world is still spinning,

But for me, it stopped all too soon.

Whilst you are living out your days,

For me, lonely dark nights are drawn,

I wish that I could smile for you,

Instead of being all forlorn.

I give you undying love,

Good luck with all you do,

You gave me more than I could wish,

I wish much more for you.

Memories that I have treasured,

Shared days, when we were us,

Will stay forever in my heart,

Until my heart has turned to dust.

So farewell, my love, so farewell,

I am sorry we are not one,

With every passing day from now,

I will cherish those times now gone.

The tears I hold back within me,

Will not be shed for what has passed,

Instead, I'll cry for the future,

For the happiness that didn't last.

Within me, there is a sanctuary,

For you within my heart,

So please remember me, my love,

Though the years will keep us apart.

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