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Paul and Art’s ‘B’ Side to Mrs Robinson

The deepest depth that it’s possible to fall,

Is into an abyss of betrayal and despair,

Duplicity cuts deep for the unsuspecting soul,

Leaving life without direction, reason, or care

Yet you held your head high

Showed him the door, and waved goodbye.

And you moved on.

The longest journey you could undertake,

Starts with that initial tentative step,

Traversing the path of hope and happiness,

Away from remorse or regret,

So you banished your fears,

Emancipated, you dried your tears,

And you moved on.

Years later, you gave love a second chance,

Followed the lantern'd track to my waiting heart,

You discovered the warmth of my affection,

Passion’s heated sparks,

Softly holding each other's hand,

Discussing our life’s future plans,

And we moved on.

Life questions we could answer together,

We knew what joys would be, ours ultimately,

Enriched occasionally by autonomous action

Yet together we’re better than individually

Right there, from our very start,

We gave each other our forever hearts,

And we still do.

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