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Outside Looking In

At this moment, I feel like an outsider,

Peering in on the family crowd,

A peeping tom, a masked intruder,

Quietly watching the family, loud.

Sometimes I’m needed, but not always wanted,

A life journeyman, with no forward path,

I know the reasons for feeling this way,

If it wasn’t so serious, I think I would laugh.

I feel I deserve more, not less,

More of what though, I couldn’t quite say,

I have given you about all of me,

But I get back less now than yesterday.

I want to express to the world, my love

Shouting from the tallest steeple,

I want to prove just how much I care, but

Fear my declaration would appear feeble.

I can’t exhibit my love, that much I know,

I’ve messed up, big time, that’s very true,

I can’t reveal myself more than a silhouette,

Or the love reserved in my heart for you

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