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Ode to Linda G

Caverstede Road nursery, our Eden

Starting out together like Eve plus one.

You were the flaxen-haired Aphrodite

I hoped to be Adonis, just for fun

Swift advance through lower school together

The same year, the same class, adjoining desks

Robert Hill performed our playground wedding

I was fidgety, you were statuesque

Inseparable, we were young love's dream,

The Princess and the Arabian thief

Outstretched arms capturing our tomorrows,

No reason to lose hope in our beliefs.

Singly, we moved on to different schools

The heartbreak of enforced separation

Quickly I learned of melancholic grief

And the detriment of isolation

Reunited, rejoined, we were restored

Yet that once previous sparkle had waned

Different challenges frustrated us

Physically, mentally, we were drained

Years flew by, ominous dark clouds gathered,

A harbinger that love's labours had lost,

I hadn't realised that we had finished,

Clueless as a wandering albatross.

Remembrances, like faded pictures

Blur frail memories as those moments pass

Once detailed, now lost in the sands of time

We still seek to peer through rose-tinted glass

I've written widely of halcyon days,

Putative memories sing me soft songs,

Apollo's lyre has often been quiet

though the drumbeat of life and love prolongs

It's nearing sixty years since we first met

I've revisited many lows and highs

What struck me is, with just one exception,

Subsequent loves are just you in disguise

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