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Miss Russell

Miss Russell, my mentor,

Guiding educational light

I yearned to stay forever in her radiance.

Stand closer, soaking up her wisdom.

Like a sponge touched by Soloman.

She taught us all without stress.

She had such a calming demeanour.

And when the school bell tolled,

My only desire was to return the next day.

further engrossed by her erudition.


Her career satisfaction

came from reflected glory in our success.

She believed we could fly high.

She gave us wings and a certainty in her belief.

I realise now just how much

This gentle lady meant to me

I'm somewhat appalled.

My own recognition of her

is only now forthcoming.

It's been fifty years.

Since she strapped on my scholastic wings,

We have all ascended so much higher.

Then we could have done without her.

Please, Miss, accept my heartfelt thanks.

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