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Lacey Dog

Our beautiful Romanian rescue

travels life in a new direction.

Her shiny damp nose nestles deep

Pursuing our love and affection

Previously on the streets of Bucharest

possessing sharp wits to survive

Food so scarce for those on the streets

She must stay sharp, to stay alive.

Unborn puppies wouldn't be easy to carry

She must find food, somewhere safe to lie

The consequences of the dog snatcher's noose

Would be that today would be the day they all die

Clinging to hope, but losing weight rapidly

Frightened and hungry, she was painfully thin

Unable to run as fast as those others

The noose pulled her up; They took her in.

Taken to a Bucharest kill kennel

Her fate seemed sealed with her unborn pups

Fighting each day for any nourishment

A mother's instinct is never to give up.

Ear tagged; even today, Lacey bears her scars

Denoting she'd been fixed, and yet

It was just a claim scam for government money,

This kennel had an unscrupulous vet

A guardian angel of fortune arrived.

Taking Lacey under her wing,

Replacing the kill shelter's dire surroundings

With security, warmth, and what love could bring.

Her pups were born, safe and sound

Well-nursed, well-loved, well-fed.

But preparations needed to begin

There’s a long journey and a long life ahead.

They gave each dog its passport.

Comfortably settled them quietly in a van

Seventeen hundred miles later,

The rescue of Lacey had gone to plan.

She saw all her pups adopted

One by one, re-homed without fuss,

Then, finally, we were the lucky ones

Lacey agreed and adopted us.

Adopting a rescue isn’t always that easy

Her anxiety occasionally stumped us both

Often her walkies were so much slower

Than, a grounded two-toed sloth

The years have quickly flown by

She was three, and now she’s ten

I love her more with all my heart

And in a heartbeat, I’d rescue her again

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