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I think I’ve lost it.

I think I’ve lost it,

I’m not sure I ever had it,

But I feel that deep down inside, I have lost it.

I’m sure it was there,

In front and ahead of me somewhere,

Yet, it seems to be elsewhere and nowhere.

So what has it become?

In the beginning, it was a lot of fun,

But now it has just become deaf and dumb.

Where has it gone?

I thought this was to be the only one,

But it seems, looking on, it’s done.

Well, I’m at a loss,

It’s hard to get these thoughts across,

All at sea, a solitary albatross.

We spent a lot of time,

Speaking not verbally, but in mime,

Conveying poetry of love without rhyme.

It’ll soon be done,

I’m pretty sure it’ll soon be done,

Then I think that neither you nor I will have won.

I think we have lost it,

I’m sure now that once upon a time we had it,

Water flowed under the bridge, and now we have crossed it.

The river flows made up of tears. We cried.

But now our watercourse of love is dried

The love we had has finally reached the sea and died

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