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Home from Pontefract

Driving home today,

Pontefract is where I've been.

Via the M1 at Leeds

Onto the M18.

Vertical hard rain,

Coming down without pause,

Falling faster to the floor

Than a pair of whores drawers

Around Doncaster,

Onto the A1 south,

Squeezing a carton of juice

Through straw into my mouth

The rain is now mixed,

With larger flakes of snow,

I'm hoping it'll soon stop, 'cause

I've got Eighty miles to go

A terrible crash,

On the Northbound carriage,

Five cars one van, they're mangled

Their metal intermarried

Static meander,

Curls the motorway snake,

Further, into the distance

Someone's getting home late.

Pity the driver,

In the far distant view.

Glad it's one of those days,

When the last driver isn't you

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