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Forgive me

If you could only understand

What I’m going through

I hope that someday

You could forgive me

I realise it’s hard to do,

Imagine that you’re me, not you,

But I hope in some way

You would forgive me

Right now I’m being ignored

I bite my tongue and leave words unsaid

Looking forward to future days

When both live as one, instead.

In a crowded room, I’m avoided

I’m aware I have myself to blame

I don’t want your love unconditionally,

But living as we do, is a strain

I don’t need you to say you love me

Just rolling words falsely from your lips

I want you to forgive me truly

Not reciting Shakespearean scripts

I need your love’s warmth

Like the summer sun’s daily encore

I need your love as often

As the sea tide crashes onshore

I’ll not beg, implore or plead

I’ll never cower on a bended knee

But I hope one day you’ll understand

And see your way to forgive me

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