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Dorothy (Dot) Snuffles

I once learned life from a wise coach,

An enlightened guru, if you will

No one famous or pretentious

Or with misplaced snooty frills.

Not that Johnson guy

Certainly, no one that crass,

But someone who was my life and soul

Travelling within my heart first class.

She was not someone popular

On the movie screen or TV

Or an overachieving sportsman

Or Olympic celebrity.

Sure enough not God nor Jesus

Nor any of those latter-day saints

Not anyone tarnished

Stained with a religious taint.

No, my little hero

The one I’m thinking of

Was the feline Dorothy Snuffles

Whose demeanour exuded love.

She was born profoundly deaf

Yet she had such poise and grace

She would sit comfortably on my lap all night

Coddled in my warm embrace.

She was prissy like Audrey Hepburn.

Clothed white like Miss Monroe.

She could teach Loren a thing or two

Work a room like Bridget Bardot.

On many occasions, she showed me,

That life’s journey was not a race,

Achieving as much as you want to achieve

Whilst travelling at Caribbean beach pace.

I miss my little mentor,

With her big-eyed trusting stare

She knew I’d never scoot her

From the sofa or TV chair.

I wish she were still here with me

I loved her more than she could know,

Never to leave my aching heart

Until all my memories fail to flow

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