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Cup Cakes and Finger Sandwiches

I see you every year.

Every year, right alongside us,

For as long as I remember,

I have known no other.

Sincerity, Sacrifice, Selflessness

We all hope, in our own way.

To strive to mimic principles

But we can only just hold a minute candle.

Dedication, devotion, diligence

When this time has passed, they will comment.

We were the lucky ones.

We lived the Elizabethan age.

Perseverance, passion, persistence

Her virtues

shown each and every day in full view.

laid before us.

Ceremony, commitment, contribution

Loyalty shown

How often it shames us

who only just do, with no offer of more.

Service, steadfastness, strength

A portrait of faithfulness

Born out of parental humbleness

Instilled rightly into future generations,

Allegiance, Adherence, Affection

Your silver and gold are now gone.

Diamond days are a recent memory.

Platinum arrives much too soon.

And we say, “Your Majesty,

Congratulations on your Jubilee. "

We toast your pledge to serve us.

We serve you to honour your pledge.

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