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Updated: Aug 30, 2023


A small island of the Dodecanese

These island folk seem so eager to please

Unhurried holidaymakers at ease

Gently blown by the soft Aegean breeze,


Archangel Michael of Panormitis

This monastery draws us, invites us

Somehow we acquired a monk to guide us

Lighting candles for those gone before us


With neoclassical coloured houses

Gift Shops, some bars and quaint coffeehouses

Old men, waiter for the cooks, their spouses

Great food that strains the waist of my trousers


Harbour water crystal clear, I spy fish

Much smaller than Sprat too small for the dish

Warm waters where we dangle feet, such bliss

And Turtles draw breath, as if with a kiss


Million-pound yachts moor in this safe harbour

Some are purchased, yet others are chartered

Swimsuit girls lie like cruciform martyrs

But life will catch up and soon they'll scarper


Onboard our ferry, we sail home to Rhodes

Certainly one of life's great episodes

I hope to return again soon by boat

Till then I've photos and my anecdotes

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