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The Road From, And To, Oblivion

I was not alive during World War Two

Even Dad was a lad during the Blitz,

Living a stone's throw from Fisherman's Wharf

Nightly bombarded by 'The Luftwaffe Fritz'

Remember reading about the Yangtze incident,

In a historical magazine edition

As well as the wars in Kenya and Korea

The horrors of the Indian Partition

Little more than just a toddler

Back in October sixty-two

When the standoff Cuban Crisis

Left Russia in an American stew

In my youth, whilst still a schoolboy,

I was tutored on Oppenheimer's plan

Completely unfathomable actions

And a tragedy for the whole of Japan

We saw the aftermath in documentaries

The burning flesh, the loss of sight

Congenital new birth defects

How could 'Enola Gay' have been right

Luckily, my military service began

As the Vietnam War ended,

But Irish Republican dissidents

Showed Britain and I were undefended

Remembering active service training,

Watching horrific films of nuclear war.

We all worried in silent foreboding

Do we have futures? What's in store?

We trained hard, practised drills in case

All hell broke, and the bomb was dropped?

We acted out cold war scenarios

Just in case our crazy world popped

We were all so frightened,

We were so very scared

We were young, with only one hope

That all our tomorrows would be spared

Despots with fingers on the buttons

Of far more bombs than it would take

To blow this world to smithereens

A dust cloud, a radioactive wake.

I have shocking nightmares even today

Of just what might have been

We live in mutual peace together

Let nothing come between

I have, for many long years, felt

Comfort, whilst snuggled in my bed

Recent events have clearly shown

You can't completely escape your dread

The Madmen, the politicians

Argue against each other’s cause

But it's the little people who suffer

The futility of the inevitable wars.

The conflict with Ukraine has clearly shown

That Mother Russia intends not to be

Content with a new cold war scenario, but

Intent on World War Three

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