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Youth of my dreams

Youth of my dreams

Where do you wander

When I'm no longer fast asleep?

Where do you travel

Are your journeys dark and deep?

Youth of my dreams

What are you thinking

Can I share your secrets too?

Let me in on your thoughts

Speak frankly to me, of you.

Youth of my dreams

Are you safe when I'm awake

Are you secure completely?

I'm ready to listen

Lodging your thoughts discreetly.

Youth of my dreams

I'm begging

Please don't hide away.

I need you to be close

I’m hoping you'll want to stay.

Youth of my dreams

Spirit of my younger nights

Don't say it's goodbye.

Take me to your Neverland

Show this old man how to fly.

Youth of my dreams

You’re here less often

Now my tired old body ages.

I hold to a belief that you will return

Before death turns the final pages.

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