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The Bridge

So I’m standing on this bridge, looking

Into the cold grey watery gloom below

All you want, is to ask me why,

All you want from me is to know.

Well, I'm not even yesterday's news,

I now follow the herd with their conformist views,

In the past, there was once a time

When life had some reason, some rhyme,

I would decide my future fate,

But now is too late,

I give in.

I've given in now for what seems like years,

no emotion no pain no tears,

Just emptiness and displeasure,

Of the lost life, I once treasured,

When I could decide or not,

How best to take that final shot,

But I give in.

I have given in to social pressures,

I have no time to debate the greater or lesser,

Facts of my life, or debate opinions,

With people who consider me a minion,

By their standards, by their definitions,

I'm an erstwhile human, a contradiction,

Oh, I give in.

Given in so don't bother me now,

You've all crushed this spirit it will not rise,

You have what you wanted, you've won your prize,

So farewell my soul, farewell my heart,

You can never join together what you’ve ripped apart,

I give in, I just give in.

So goodbye

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