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Say Goodbye

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Spare me the agony of your mentation,

Or the sinking feeling in your heart,

Spare me any excuses you may muster,

Spare me so we can part.

The love we had was once more binding,

We nurtured it because it was all that we had,

Our love once lay in happier thoughts and dreams,

But now our love together has turned sad.

We don’t seem to communicate anymore,

We only sit and hurl mutual abuse,

Falling asleep when we go to bed,

Is not the love life that I would choose.

Sorry for the happier times spent together,

It’s a fact that we have grown apart,

We can’t go on like this much longer,

I’m sorry but we need a fresh start.

Let us finally end this aching romance,

Whilst we still think of our love without a sigh,

We now know we are wrong for each other,

So let’s end this now and say goodbye.

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