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One against so many

One man, one spirit,

Torn apart by rigid social conformity,

One joy, one laugh,

Overcome by a maelstrom of tears,

One ambition, one desire,

Crushed by the feet of my inadequacy,

One love, one love passed by.

One thought, one hope,

Unheard, in a field of growing despair,

One sigh, one tear,

Washed away down the drain of humanity,

One sadness, one grief,

Disregarded, captured in the wave of others' emotions,

One love, one love passed by.

One anger, one blame,

Overlooked, when mining historic forgiveness,

One life, one jewel,

Worthless, set against more valuable gems,

One death, one heartbreak,

Unnoticed when caught in the shadow of a crowd,

One love, one love passed by.

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