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Making up in BSL

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Lovers at a round table

Experiencing alfresco Expresso,

Arguing so passionately,

Their flailing arms demand the attention of the other,

Facial expressions accentuate each silent voice

Grimacing with gritted teeth, wide-eyed disbelief,

Frantically fingers touch their face with force

Spelling words and phrases only they can share,

Some shock the reader, but not the onlooker

Who’s oblivious to all that’s said,

But each will be heard by each

First, however, this deafening screech must cease,

Their eagerness to speak and be heard

Has already expelled monogrammed cups to the floor.

Slowly they comprehend the need to listen

To the gestures in each other's signing,

No one opinion is wrong,

Just different perspectives of the same scene,

Gradually both wear a more gentle expression

They smile, lips apart,

Holding each other's hand

Across the wooden circle

Until finally open-mouthed

They kiss.

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