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Little dreamer.

Little dreamer.

To dream alone is to travel blindly,

To dream is your desire and hope,

Hope that what you have will improve,

To dream is your question and wonder,

Wonder what might have been on life's other highways,

To dream is your experience and feel

Feel that what you expected isn't quiet,

To dream is to endure and suffer,

Suffer, the anguish of your own disappointments.

But you must understand your dreams,

They are your sought-after paths,

Your true wonders,

Your should have, and will have, been.

You're intimate suffering,

If your reality is not your dream,

Take steps to make your dream your reality,

No one is in charge of your life or your dreams,

Only you.

You need not follow that path alone,

We are all here,

For you and other dreamers.

As for wondering,

We all wonder,

At what might have been,

We wonder about the other highways

And we will share your suffering,

For you are not the only dreamer,

We all are,

We all are.

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