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First World Dreamers

The dreams of first-world dreamers

Are so misguided.

Living in a world of violence

That's terrorised and divided.

Obliviously, they reminisce

Of all their yesteryears,

Deaf to the cacophony

As they cover up their ears.

The ongoing man-made destruction

Occurring around the world,

The fearsome wars erupting

Unacknowledged as they’re unfurled.

Dreamers continue to dream

Of their halcyon childhood days,

Thoughts of endless youthful summers

Mask modern reality with a sunny haze.

Our troubled earth

Now tired, becoming older,

Due to humanitarian disasters

But dreamers offer no supportive shoulder.

The first world dreamers continue

To ignore all that is around

Accepting only other closeted friends

Hushing otherworldly sounds.

Occasionally, when these dreamers are interrupted,

They bemoan everyone else’s point of view

This interference in their life is unwanted

They have no care what happens to you

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