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Each Morning

Each Spring and each Summer morning

Whilst watching the new day dawning,

I marvel at the splendid sight in flight.

Martins, Swallows and Swifts abound

The blue canopy, all around

A majestic legion of flight in sight.

Robin dressed in a bright red waistcoat,

Coloured, they consistently gloat,

Upstaging his sombre cousin, sparrow.

Wing claps are heard loud from way up high

Pigeons swoop as darts from the sky

Pinpoint landing like an archer's arrow.

Magpies, Blackbirds, Thrushes and Crows

Fly back and forward, to and fro,

Then landing, they disturb this pleasant scene.

Whilst Starling's chatter, scream and shout

Like Stuka bombers, they zoom about,

Slick dressed, head to tail, in purple and green.

Finches in their various hues

Bluetits arrive in ones and twos,

Bobbing heads to others, both left and right.

High-pitched shriek, a terrible squawk

Descending fast a Sparrowhawk.

And all at once, my feathered friends take flight.

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