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Clouds of White

Floating gently above darkened clouds,

Looking down upon madding crowds,

Whistling wind and dripping rain,

See those people mightily strain

Against the boredom of their humdrum life,

A husband late home to his nagging wife

Who’s spent her day in effortful cleaning

Washing, cooking, all-day preening,

Ironing, polishing, occasionally resting,

Maintaining their home so both may nest in,

Blackout blinds afford a degree of isolation,

Until Thanatos arrives at life's culmination,

Their dying wish to be interred side by side,

All their memories will be lost, washed away by a tide,

That laps against the rocks and sand,

Encircling this green and pleasant land,

That has stood firm upon this rock of ages,

Against the wind and rain that rages,

From high above, up in the sky

White clouds now float serenely by

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