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Miss Guided,

And Miss Directed,

Driving home together, from their lovely holiday,

Hoping this was the best route for their drive,

But they had been given poor advice,

By Mister Roundabout

And Mister Junction,

They should never have been on the ‘A’ Two Two Five.

In a panic, they started ringing friends,

For more up to date route finder advice,

But Miss Read, and Miss Construe

Just made matters worse,

Miss Handle, dropped her phone

Miss Call never answered,

Miss Reach, as always, is unobtainable,

Miss Begotten, should never be on the list for ringing first.

It was now proving to be a horrendous trip,

Especially as Miss Chief

And Miss Behave was screaming in the back,

They still hadn’t found the best way home,

Miss Appropriate was, as usual, very rude

Miss Interpret couldn’t quite understand,

Miss Lay had lost the plot,

As for Miss Laid, well let's say she wasn’t alone.

Ahead, a hitchhiker, could she be any help?

Miss Directed said, “Let's stop and pick her up”,

“As long as she’s not Miss Fortune or Miss Hap”,

What problem is left for us to incur

“Hello, would you like a lift”? Said Miss Guided

“Thank you, that's very kind”

” My name is Miss Adventure”,

The two girls sped off so quickly, without her.

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