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One Night,

Up The Airy Mountain

On the slopes of Shangri La

L, L, Lucy and Rico were to Drift Away

although inexperienced

Under The Moon Of Love.

Lean On Me my Slow Talking Boy Lucy comforted

I’ve read the Book of Love

We should Just Try A Little Tenderness

For Rico, there was no Beating Round The Bush

This was no Hula Love.

Use Your Imagination

And treat me like a Living Doll she pleaded

Oh Boy, these are The Secrets That You Keep forever

You asked so passionately to “Show Me You’re A Woman”

Time And Again,

Don’t You Know,

I Love, How You Love me

My Love Is Your Love, Time And Again

You’ll Like It, I Can’t Stop

You are my little Jumping Jehosaphat,

So Crazy when you’re In The Mood

Your stealth Rocket, like The Cat, Crept In

But exploded all too soon

As a short-fused Dyna-Mite

But was still entranced, as in Hypnosis

Under this Blue Moon, I became Moonshine Sally

And you, Mr Bagatelle, who rang all my bells

Even though you’re gone now

and I will be Lonely This Christmas

I hope you remember our love

When you glimpse the Lipstick On Your Collar

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