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Youthful Love

Together in the park, that summer, we had so much fun,

Such a lark, the both of us carefree and young,

Escaping mothers who were highly strung,

We played, occasionally to our shame, we

Misbehaved, carving our names into a tree,

Youthful ways, those days of being we.

Those youthful days were an endless bliss,

That long hot summer, when we fumbled our first kiss,

Our attempts at being debonair were hit and miss,

But we are now full-grown, our summer love has gone,

We've distanced, no longer have each other to lean upon,

We’re apart, we’ve forgotten the tune to our youthful song.

Our heartbeats that once raced in unison, are now steady,

We thought we would be forever, but we weren’t ready,

We were aware and knew that truth already.

We finally ended, our memories no longer shared,

Our lives are now fully interfacially unpaired,

I thought that going it alone I’d be scared,

But we are not unfriended, since we've been apart,

Our lives though have endured an inevitable restart,

You’ll find you are still entrenched inside my heart.

You will always be,

Be a part of me.

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