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Yesterday, Today, No Tomorrow

There's no hope in a world full of desperation,

When our worst nightmares have all come to life,

There's no heart in the greyness of desolation,

When the mere act of surviving is strife.

The barest of care for those suffering,

Death is the only escape from the pain,

The nuclear mushroom uplifts its horrors,

Depositing all its doom down as rain.

Yesterday's visions of our tomorrow,

Become today's awful views of our past,

And a tear holds back from crying,

With thoughts, that the worst is to last.

Two lonely figures peer through the ashes.

Seeking a third to make a crowd,

Our sun gives no warmth during the daylight,

For those alive, under death laden cloud.

You ask what caused this miscalculation,

That led to the first missiles being fired,

And why do those who died, now mourn,

Those poor unfortunates who have survived.

It's the bastions of peace that all blame lies,

Safely bunkered from the murderous breeze,

Constantly arguing between themselves,

Whilst this world enters a nuclear freeze.

It's due to their political ineptitude,

Their lack of resolve to halt the war's pace,

However, they've succinctly accomplished,

Consigning to death, the whole human race

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