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Shakespeare 460. A summary.

Stratford’s sonneteer and scripter.

Gladdened glove-makers girded groin.

Studious son: Sunny student.

Choice cusswords casually coined.

Dangled, dipped, disastrous rhythm,

Woo, weather, bed and wed.

Minor marries maturing Miss Anne,

Mistress Mother’s birth bed bled.

What withered within?

Hamnet’s demise, heartbroken by death?

Fleeing Poacher, teacher, soldier or clerk?

Lamenting, leaving little but his breath.

Years lost, yearnings longed.

Landlord elation, as London lodger lay.

Chambelin’s collective, playwright perfective.

His heart heaved homeward, hither Hathaway.

Feast day, St. George’s grace, he’s gone.

Unnamed marker, unknown malady.

Heavenward He: Happily Hamnet hosts.

Will, not for an age, but for all time, proudly.

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