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Walk in Depressed Shoes Blues

Usual January blues,

New year news, old-year shoes

You’ll take this year in your stride

Journey's long: Ticketless ride

Morris dancing, got Mayday blues

Shoots spring sprung, canvas shoes

Ribbon twined around the pole

Nature blooms: Lonely soul

Midsummer heated, scorched earth blues

August cruise, boat deck shoes

Unkeen on ocean midday heat

Hot deck: You’re thermally beat.

Late October a chilling night

Children’s ruse, demon shoes

Trick or treat, this door stays closed

Fiends await: you’re all exposed

Wishing away these Christmas blues

Tinsel trews, Elfin shoes

Baubles, sparkling fairy lights

Naughty listed: Yearly tripe

Usual January blues,

New year news , old-year shoes

You'll take this year in your stride

Journey's long: Ticketless ride

I refuse to travel your way

Can’t choose, your depressed shoes.

Remove that yesterday frown

Can’t excuse: Dragging us down

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