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The green expanse of grass

Where Lacey and I daily stroll

Is cold-whitened from the overnight chill.

It scrunches underfoot, resembling

Chinese crisped seaweed

specially bleached.

Above, strewn across the morning blue

White clouds stretched taut

Like varicose veins pulled thin in a late winter sky.

We’re icy cold and missing you

So we’re returning

homeward bound, both dog and I.

Beneath our feet, the pavements sparkle,

In this low morning light,

with a frosting, like diamonds and marcasites.

Ahead, our little thatched cottage beckons

Radiating with your love and warmth

You offer a welcoming mug of steaming coffee

But I defer the delight of sipping momentarily,

Whilst warmed by your kiss,

and your tender love embrace.

And now I'm unfrosted.

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