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To Be A Lion Or A Mouse

Oh, Kremlin Lion,

Do you not dream?

Of being more than just a fool,

Can you not see?

From around your heavy mane,

Can you not hear?

Above your thunderous roar,

You’ve charged headlong,

Not pausing, no thought,

Not stopping to wonder why

You’ve gained the scars of the hunt.

But not gained the victory spoils.

You are baffled and beguiled

By Kyiv Mouse,

Whose gentle actions

Are hushed by your pounding feet,

Whose voice is so quiet

Still silenced more by your gnashing jowl,

Whose timid nature

Crushed by your uncounseled swipes,

Mouse craves isolation from this conflict,

To live side by side with those like-minded,

Those who have a similar view, who understand

the aspirations for their existence.

Oh Lion

Be still for a while,

Stop, and look around you,

consider your hopes for tomorrow,

For others will eventually seek and dismantle you,

Destroy your home, your dreams, your future,

You will have nowhere and no one to turn to

You’ll be surrounded by the ravenous hyenas of Nato

Remember, to die a Lion may be proud

But to live a mouse is to be alive

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