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The waiting lists

Shallow breath.

Newborn, near death.

Essential that I'm on this,

the neonatal incubation waiting list.

Fallow care,

pitiful pair.

Shouldn't be missing out on this,

placed on the parental-affection waiting list.

Lie low, lay

stressed every day.

Unsure of the cause for this,

joined the rid-me-of-anxiety waiting list.


it's ludicrous,

give adolescence a miss.

Unnecessary teenager's-angst waiting list.

Hold closer

sex proposer,

I'm looking forward to this,

Left the losing-my-virginity waiting list.

Have a half?

Having a laugh.

Too young to be drinking this.

Transforming onto the be-a-man waiting list.

Settle down

life's wedded crown.

Looking out for my right Miss.

Now on the someone-out-there-to-love waiting list.


Stormy weather,

we're just not enjoying this.

We've both joined the soon-to-be-divorced waiting list.

Life goes on

still further on,

None to share life's boredom with.

Enrolled on the need-for-excitement waiting list.

Opened eyes

I've realised.

Life's posted message I'd missed.

My happiness should not include a waiting list.

Shallow breath

old man near death.

Too late, I’ve expected this.

Near the top of the soon-to-be-dead waiting list.

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