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This And That Of Love

Who would have thought, at the start of our beginning,

I've been thinking about this or that,

Or even anything at all.

It doesn't seem to matter, so I believed,

Whether this or that or whatever,

Survived the day or was to fall,

It’s funny, but in time, opinions change,

Life has a habit of doing just that,

It’s quite strange, yet the reality

Of our life all around us becomes fact,

And pokes me in my ribs to see sense,

Stating the provocative and profound.

Firstly, why this now, then why so intense?

If only I knew the answers,

To the questions our lives propose,

It’s difficult to sit and judge ourselves,

On whether this, or whether that, or whether you,

Or how together our feelings grow,

But what I know,

about this, that, and my heart,

Is that we are more or less complete,

Our future years emerge, slowly vanishing into our past,

I'm sure this, and that, and our love, will compete.

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