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The Sound of Loves Music

Tick, tick, ticking of the clock on the wall.

A rustle of leaves on the porch, as they fall

The building sadly creaks under the strain.

Splashing on the roof, the winter's rain.

The stealth-like footfall of the neighbour's cat,

My thoughts, first of this, and then of that,

A cacophony of sounds assaulted my ears,

Replace your voice, now that you're not here.

I’ve missed listening to your girlish whims,

Your voice, the colour a nightingale sings.

I missed the orchestra that plays in your smile,

Let me swim again in your tune for a while.

But, yet when our love song was sweetly playing,

I felt no love, just loves hurt betraying,

You gave me love, but gave me no choice,

Gave the sound of love, but gave me no voice.

You chose a different sound for me to listen to,

A sad sound that mimics the Mississippi blues,

You’ve gone, other noises, as well as silence reigns,

The remembrance of our love song lyrics slowly wanes.

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