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The Seven Ages

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

In our innocence, as babies, we sleep,

Cradled closely in mother's love so deep.

This great world of wonder yet to behold

A million fascinations are still untold.

This child of learning carries heavy loads,

Whilst choosing future friends and future roads.

He absorbs knowledge like a Kalymnos sponge.

Opinions consumed, no notion expunged

This lover takes the stage and plays a scene,

Passion entwines two hearts with nought between,

Bundled in tenderness and sweet embrace,

Bewitched by love quickens each pulse apace.

This soldier marches without a backward glance

For glory and honour, brave his advance.

In conflict and war, many battles won,

Travelling home now pursuing the sun.

His advanced years bring wisdom and grace

Intentions run at a much slower pace

Offers compassion and seasoned advice.

Without condition or self-sacrifice

The spectre's darkened shadow stealthfully nears,

This aged man reflects upon his years.

Although frail-framed, his proud head held high

Life's ultimate act was to watch him die.

But death is not the last act of this man's life,

The remembrance of his existence is rife.

Hold on to his memory, keep it close to you,

Bid only his mortal breath adieu.

Upon life's grand stage, each age plays its part,

Breathtakingly steep learning curve from the start.

Let us celebrate each character's breath,

Appreciate the ovation as we exit, stage left

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