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The Mysterious Letter

Sam quietly opened the study door.

Her stepfather was standing by his desk,

Rapt by a letter from the morning post

Looking near comically Chaplinesque

"You'll never get those filthy hands of yours,''

''on what I've built, you despicable slag"

He was shouting loudly at the letter

"I'll finish you, you malevolent hag,"

From the desk, he took the long letter knife

Stabbing the letter many times with force

The knife penetrated the wooden desk

His violent rage showed little remorse

He ripped at the pages with such fury

Until the letter scraps were small enough

He threw the page remnants into the fire,

"You depraved woman, I'm calling your bluff"

He placed one hand, watching nonchalantly,

onto the cold high marble mantle shelf

He sneered, keeping an eye as the paper burned

With a fiendish stare, he chuckled to himself

Still standing, he was watching, fixated

Sam then purposely coughed, a worried cough

He quickly turned and looked uncomfortable

His demonic face soon changed, becoming soft

"Good morning darling, have you stood there long? "

"You shouldn't have entered. I was ill-prepared "

He walked slowly, shuffling nearer to Sam,

Normally confident, now she was scared

"Is breakfast ready? It is? Well, let's go"

His arm went around Sam, he grabbed the door

No way of ever knowing the contents

As charred remains smoulder on the hearth floor

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