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The Minder

“John, put those back”

“We don't need them.“

“No, John, we don't need those either”

“Come on.”

"If we’re not careful, we'll be here all day.”

“I want to get home. I've had enough shopping”

“John let’s go , let's get the milk, then we'll get the bread”

“No John, not here. The floor is not your bed”

“Come on John move, you can do it”

“If you're good, we’ll get a slice of cake in the cafe”

“Yes John, some cake and a glass of milk, but you have to be good”

“Oh John, I've had enough. Let's just go”

“I know I said you could have cake, but I said you had to be good”

“I give in John, let's go, we'll have some cake”

“Oh! Mrs. Carter, hello!”

"How are you?"

“John, say hello to Mrs Carter,”

“Please ignore him, Mrs Carter, he just wants some cake”

“Yes, John, we’re going shortly, hang on”

“How am I doing with John?”

“That's kind of you to ask, Mrs Carter?”

“Not very well,”

“If he was my son, and I was an active twenty-seven-year-old”

“I think I could manage”

“I think I could cope”

“I would have more energy”

“More, get up and go”

“But now?”

“I’m the wrong side of sixty-seven”,

“I'm so exhausted,”

“Sometimes too tired to care”

“Sometimes I sit in my armchair”

“Watching him struggle”

“I realise he is soiling himself”

“But I stay still”

“I sit in my armchair and just cry”

“Not just for myself but for this man”

“This once strong, virile man”

“Who’s now this sorry little man”,

“With me,”

“Till death do us part”

“I fear death is a long way off”

“Our marriage vows have already died”

“I’m an unrecognised unappreciated minder”

“To the man who once stole my heart,”

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