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The Hairdressers Tale

She became a woman today

Her marriage vows have fallen away.

As yellowing leaves of an autumnal tree.

All her hurt and shame

She knows just who to blame.

Inconsistent husband, now the absentee.

With a pounding of his heart that raced

He turned and closed the door in haste.

This half-glazed threshold becomes a barrier.

Love lost wouldn’t again grow stronger

He couldn’t bear to stay much longer.

His future, merely the alimony carrier.

She became a woman today

Her life moved on, no more delay

Ready to work with, or against, life's grain

Rejecting all her husband's bidding

No more watching her marriage skidding

Down the nearest drain

The marital house is now hers alone

The dog and two children, call it home

No one will tell her what she should do

He’s lost out in love, nothing learned

He has no return, his bridges burned

Ex-wife, this woman, restarts her life anew

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