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The Evil in this World

Pandora, what a very naughty girl was she,

She unearthed a locked box, hidden secretly,

With this hidden box came a golden key

She had the golden key and curiosity,

But her curiosity the better got

Got the better so she unlocked the lock,

She unlocked the lock, she flung open the top

As she opened the top she could not stop

Could not stop all the evil that resides,

Evil resides, her box held those devils inside,

Those devils inside brought on pain, hurt and lies

Pain, hurt, and their lies that flowed like a tide,

An unstoppable tide swell raced across the floor

Raced across the floor, quickly under the door

Under the door and they were seen no more.

Seen no more but infecting the world for sure

Infecting the world, this evil's still here,

The evil's still here inciting our fears

Inciting fears and hate everywhere far and near,

Everywhere far and near, each day and each year.

Each day, each year evil around us grows,

Evil grows and yet no one knows or can propose

A plan of how to slam Pandora's box lid closed,

Closing the box lid, not even she knows,

Not even she knows how we must prepare to fight

Our future fight, how to stay safe in the light,

Safe in the light from the dark of the night,

From the dark of the night, from wrong to right,

From wrong to right, making all our own choices,

Choices, just how to defeat these forces

Defeat these forces uttering persuading noises

Persuading noises, with their inviting voices

Voices we must not follow or allow to be lead

Not follow or be lead, or the consequences we dread

Consequences we dread, hidden deep in our head,

Will eat us slowly until we are dead.

Pandora, what a very naughty girl was she

She unearthed a locked box hidden secretly,

With this hidden box came a golden key,

The golden key and her curiosity,

Her curiosity, what a monstrosity

Releasing the world's evil to fly high with wings,

We can only pray this modern world brings,

All-conquering Kings and Princes, Presidents, and Pope

For the only virtue left in Pandora’s box, was hope.

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