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The Colour of Christmas

Outside, bright gold and crimson bows hang large on frosted trees

Whilst white snowflakes dance merrily on winter's gentle breeze,

Bells chime lyrically, heralding midnight Christmas Eve

As Santa Claus brings presents to children who still believe

The sound of the reindeer hooves on the roof, clip-clop repeat,

Girls and boys are unaware, as they're snuggled fast asleep

Dreaming enchanted thoughts, tucked beneath warming eiderdowns

Santa halts his sleigh in the snow that's settled all around

Mince pies and a small dram of whisky to keep out the cold

A note to wish Santa ''Merry Christmas' from young and old

The multicoloured cascade of a tinsel-covered tree

Laid there before him, a splendid celebratory scene,

Children's stockings hang by their bedsides, neatly in a row,

Orange candle flames flicker, dark shadows dance in the glow,

White frost-kissed window panes frame this magical Christmas scene,

Santa arranges their presents, so no one knows he's been

Festive colours weave seasonal magic of love and joy

We see happy smiling faces on every girl and boy

Red ribbons tie the presents: On the tree a golden star

Whilst silver-blue and white flashing lights twinkle from afar,

Very early the next morning, the children rush downstairs

Seeing Santa has visited, finding which gifts are theirs

Mum and dad look on with love as the children run about

This year’s Christmas will be their best, truly without a doubt

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