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That’s just crazy

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Watching elephants climb an Acacia nut tree

Or prickly hedgehogs on a supermarket spree,

Hooking up with a blue whale called Penelope

Yet crazier than that would have to be,

Seeing a pied stallion playing Texas Hold 'em,

A retriever washing clothes at the laundromat

Then, she's ironing and folding 'em.

View short-beaked echidnas as they slowly march past

Whilst saluting termites stand tall inspecting 'em

That's just crazy

What's even crazier for me to comprehend

You'll need to explain it so that I understand

Together forever, I thought we'd always be

Although whilst I'm in love with you,

You're not in love with me.

And that's just so crazy

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