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Sorry Is A Simple Word

I didn’t need to search my conscience to understand.

That to hurt you was something I never thought I could,

I have held you in my heart all this time,

The way a lover and a partner really should.

Then came the day when I consciously failed,

Letting the worst within me win out,

Now those inner virtues that I held so close,

Are flawed, crushed and laid in doubt.

You gave me so many opportunities to love,

To be the very best in all I do for you,

It seems your love was strong for me,

Stronger than this near-fickle love for you.

Love from you to me has turned sour. I see it,

Those worried lines etched into your face,

Show the disappointment you feel inside for me,

The angry side showing is far out of place.

To say I’m sorry would be an understatement,

Simple words can’t cover these transgressions,

Hopefully, I can answer your questions truthfully,

And you can forgive, not forget, my indiscretions.

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