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Showbiz Starlet Guilt Trip

“Do you want to hold me?” She asked

I replied, “Yes I think I would”

“Do you want to kiss me?” She said

“No, that would not be good.”

She continued,

“Do you not want to hold me close?

Show all your love for me,

Do you not want to be in my thoughts?

Reveal to all on your bended knee.

Do you not want to be in my life?

As my limelight flickers on,

Do you not want to be by my side?

And be my constant hanger-on.”

“No, I don’t, not at any cost” I replied

“My pride doesn’t run that cheap,

I will be there should you have need of me

Much more your price is too steep.

You’ve overestimated my affection

The quantity of love I feel for you

Impressions you have of my feelings

Are beyond more than I can do.

Any love we have in the future

Is founded on what’s already built

Don’t attempt to undermine my integrity

Or create scenarios of misplaced guilt

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