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Love is like…..

Loneliness, like a dark stain, engrained upon my soul,

A dull ache that hides in the recesses of my heart.

Then, you, I became engulfed in your tomorrows and forevers. 

Like a weary traveller traversing a mist-covered moor,

You enveloped me, held me, unable to part, fearing each other's loss

Finding you was like discovering a missing puzzle piece,

once placed would complete the shattered picture of my life,

Togetherness, like the warp and weft of an interlaced weave,

Close threads unite to create a harmonious impression.

Finding love was like stumbling upon a rare and exquisite orchid,

in the vast wilderness and desolateness of life, 

Beauty and fragrance unexpectedly enchants the senses. 

adding a sweetness and radiance to my world.

Falling in love with you was like being gently swept away 

on a warm tropical ocean current, contentedly adrift. 

Our one-masted open boat wafted towards a horizon supermoon

Reliving the tender romance of the owl and pussycat.

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