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Running scared little maiden

Why are you running scared little maiden?

Why do you hide amongst the trees?

Do you believe your dreams are in tatters?

And that you’ve finally crumbled to your knees.

Are you sure you want to run little maiden?

Please take a pause whilst I hold your hand,

You’ll see then that running till your heart bleeds

Won’t help you navigate life or understand

You believe that should the world slow its frantic spinning,

It would allow you to step gingerly off the end,

Then swim naked in the warm waters of oblivion,

Far away from all of those that offend.

You are quite right that square pegs

Won’t fit comfortably into round holes,

But life is full of all shapes and sizes

Many unique individual souls.

Please don’t run scared little maiden,

Stand firm and battle hard,

It’s worth fighting for your own survival

It’s worth developing a peek-a-boo guard.

How can you conquer your worst fears?

How can you bite back at those who hurt?

How can you persuade those many others?

You shouldn’t be trodden into their dirt.

Should your going forward start getting too tough

I promise I will be there, close by your side,

With a broad shoulder for you to cry on,

And supportive arms into which you can hide.

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