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Ode to a Red Rose

Oh, crimson Rose, nature's gift of grace,

Your ruby petals entice fairer sex embrace,

Your lusciousness evokes men's hopes and dreams

Erect stance stems, a metaphor for love’s extremes.

Your thorns remind us that the path of love’s not smooth,

Yet tenacity helps us hold on to love we can not lose.

Avoiding those thorns that safeguard your velveteen bloom,

We choose flush tones of rouge red and cherry plumes,

Each stem, newly cut, craves adoration,

Building the fire of passion, moving on from flirtation.

The fragrant sweet notes almost guarantee bliss,

That captures lover's souls, with heavenly-scented kiss.

They breathe, and as they breathe, they’re consumed,

The promise of nature's beauty, their love perfumed.

This vivid red bouquet of true love inspires,

A passionate flaming of uncontrolled desire,

Unknown valentines, dabbling in poetic prose,

Seek the inspiration for new verse composed.

Oh, red rose, the young lovers’ oft-used muse,

Each scented colour of nature's palette, used,

In every step, you teach us how and when to care,

To express our love to those whose love we share,

In Burgundian red depths, my heart’s exposed

Forever be the verse of life, my red organza rose

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