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My New World Order Manifesto

In a war of personal attrition,

Detrimentally involuntary

Or a war of hatred with world neighbours

Muscle flexing, showing both national pride

and unwarranted anxiety

Everyone, and each, suffers

Whilst we scrape back the surface of this earth,

Extracting resources, without replacement

Climate change wears thin on our atmospheric blanket

Leading to the multi-participant cross-party discussion.

Where many single voices spout climatic rhetoric

Heckled by those whose‌ life of avarice affected.

Those who care less, whether poorer lives detracted

Because of their selfish prevarication.

Water shortage, food shortage, energy shortage

Intellectual and judicious shortage

A people shortage in a world of abundance

Let's remove country borders that stifle growth

Destroy blockades to mass migration

Allow those yoked either in mediocre wealth or poverty

Free rein to delve deeply across this vast globe

Reassure families they can grow without fear

their children can benefit from others' benevolence

So far, mismanaged democratic ideology has shown

to be no better than Communism, despotism or fundamentalism

Fascists, Marxists, Christian or Muslim radicals

Show no sign of being the way forward

They’re all obstacles to the free movement of ideals

Preconceived and constructed barriers

Create vexatious fears

Sexual, and racial equality

and inequality of opportunity

Barriers to the disabled and unenabled

the young, the frail, the sick, the bewildered

Homophobia, heterophobia, transphobia, lesbiphobia

“I’ve just got a phobia.”

Against those that think they know the best

Self-gratifying governments, lobbyists, and unionists

Activists, those single-focused do-gooders

Blinkered from looking through the big-picture window

They will never learn that there are no solutions

From living in a monophonic world

Let's remove personal tax liability

Let the people grow what they sow

Dissolve regional and national governments

Have a world order and orderliness

Trade barriers exacerbate world hunger

trade barriers dissolve without borders

This will incite a hurricane of trepidation

But once the dust has settled,

We will eventually live in peace

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