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Muted World

Sounds lost, unheard,

in muted world,

Unceremoniously unplugged.

A less audible sense

I live in insignificance.

I once thrived on,

laughter, now gone,

My youthful joy, stealthily stolen.

I'm now alone, unheard,

Locked within my conticent world.

My parents scold

Hearts emit cold.

Gesticulations and frowns confuse.

Why don't they understand,

Neither they nor I, understand.


No moria.

Medically unrepairable.

Time could recuperate

Still, they probe, prod and operate.



Implants supplanted pre-cochlea,

Sound no longer abstains

But deaf boys' loneliness remains,

My bedroom space

A silent waste,

My forlorn life, more contemplative,

Whisperers still surround

Their muffled spoken words confound.

Nightmares and dreams,

Not the mainstream,

This can't be my definitive path.

I desired so much more

Unsure just what, but so much more.

Must reassess


My future development stymied.

less audibility

hindered by disability.

I must confess

That loneliness

Was not the preeminent issue,

What hurt me more inside

Was the bullying I denied.

First and foremost

I'm a deaf ghost.

Seeking out imaginary lands.

Searching heightened senses

Saw my life through broken lenses.

Imagined space

My special place

Found restful solitude in silence,

I'm needed by no one

I need less when all said and done

Going away?

Think I may stay

Unprepared for the inconvenience

Parents, school friends, bully

No one perceives my angst fully

Imagined space

Leaves little trace

Happy reading, writing, and thinking.

Unsociably social

True life was sullen and woeful

They were correct

Their truth erect

Time the healer, as hearing returns

Six years since noise faded

No longer audibly aided

Future path change

Life rearrange

Escaping from this dead-end city

Show me I was willing

Enlist, grasping monarchs shilling

Now mid sixty

Blue eyes misty

Hearing needs additional support

Revive my special place

Imagination re-embraced

Been here before

Feel less unsure

A memory when life was quiet

Read, write, no listening

Thinking, dreaming, imagining,

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